The Ultimate Compilation of Incredible Records in English Handwritten Posters Across the World

Handwritten posters have been a staple in classrooms and hallways for decades. They serve as visual aids to reinforce le…

  Handwritten posters have been a staple in classrooms and hallways for decades. They serve as visual aids to reinforce lessons, raise awareness about important issues, and inspire creativity among students. While posters in various subjects and languages can be found in schools across the world, English handwritten posters have recently gained traction as a way for students to showcase their artistic and writing skills. In this article, we will be compiling a list of the most incredible records in English handwritten posters across the world.



  1. Largest English Handwritten Poster

  The title for the largest English handwritten poster goes to students and staff of Don Bosco Matriculation Higher Secondary School in India. On October 5, 2016, they created a poster that measured 1,181 square meters. It featured inspirational quotes, drawings, and messages of peace and love.

  2. Longest English Handwritten Poster

  The world record for the longest English handwritten poster is held by the students of Zakir Husain Delhi College in India. On October 7, 2014, they created a poster that measured 1,292 meters long. The poster aimed at raising awareness about the negative effects of pollution.

  3. Fastest English Handwriting

  The Guinness World Record for the fastest handwriting in English goes to Canadian, Nicole Kidman. On May 22, 2017, Kidman wrote 132 words in one minute with a fountain pen. She broke the previous record of 114 words held by Englishman Mark Stewart.

  4. Smallest English Handwritten Poster

  The smallest English handwritten poster measures 1.3cm x 1.3cm (0.51in x 0.51in) and is ironically titled, "Big History". It was created by UK artist, Graham Short, who is known for his miniature portraits and artworks. The poster is so small that it can fit on a grain of rice and is best viewed under a microscope.

  5. Most Expensive English Handwritten Poster

  The most expensive English handwritten poster ever sold is titled "Lennon's London" and was created by John Lennon in 1967 to promote his Apple Boutique in London. The poster sold for $187,250 (USD) in 2005, making it one of the most valuable rock and roll posters in history.

  6. Most Handwritten Posters Within a Minute

  The world record for the most handwritten posters within a minute goes to US-based company, Lilo's Swim School. During a charity event on September 9, 2017, they created 68 posters featuring motivational quotes within 60 seconds. The posters were later donated to various children's hospitals.

  7. Most Handwritten Posters by a Single Person

  The world record for the most handwritten posters by a single person in 24 hours goes to 9-year-old Zahraa, who is from the United Arab Emirates. On December 2, 2020, Zahraa created 1,262 posters with inspiring messages for health workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She broke the previous record held by an American, Benjamin Orlove, who created 1,123 posters in 24 hours.


  English handwritten posters have proven to be a creative way for students, artists, and writers to showcase their skills while conveying messages of inspiration, awareness, and positivity. The incredible records mentioned in this article demonstrate the immense potential and boundless imagination of individuals around the world. Who knows what the next record-breaking poster will be?



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